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I voted SoTP for MOTY, I did my part.
On an unrelated note, in Hearts of Iron IV, joining the Allies as Democratic Germany still allows you to invade Poland via the Focus Tree, not only will France be forced to watch, but they have to help too.

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Heres a nicely labelled map.
The thing isn't working, what a cruel world.
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Hello it is me The Judge, and I am the first to post here (this subcategory) on the new forums. I was previously known as The and I create terrible Blender Models and make above average MSpaint Art. Additionally I frequent Hearts of Iron IV, Planetary Annihilation TITANS, Starmade, From the Depths, and Sins of a Solar Empire.

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More MSpaint for us all.
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I think he means the Colonizing Models, instead of the boxy Vanilla ones.

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Looks like I was wrong, again.
In other news Hearts of Iron 4 is pretty fun.

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I feel like the more geometric style of Bungie suits the Forerunners better, however I'm not against floaty bits.