The Official Status Thread

Such a pretty place. me likey

@agigabyte The only way to earn purple is to dye your name in the blood of the enemies of humanity.

juhuuuuuu! the gema and youtube finally agreed on a contract, so now all the millions of vids that where blocked for germans on youtube will be lifted.

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I believe that is what experts call a "miracle". ^^

Ah Civilization, back to steal away countless hours. While I do have to admit it is a fantastic game, my enjoyment would be more so if the fucking game didn't keep randomly having every empire declare war on me, even those I haven't discovered! Hell, it even made me declare war on myself! How the fuck does that work? More importantly, how the fuck did they not find this bug when playtesting? And I thought our playtester team was lazy...

Sniff. Ah, that new Forum smell.

It took me three hours to fix my Vita today. I think that's more time than Sony spent supporting the thing.

I like the new post UI with the preview pane.

Hey Guys!

Anyone have any good game tips that aint Skyrim or the latest Civ game?

Morrowind and Civ5 :P.

Fuuuuuck it feels like just yesterday I wrote my birthday status on the old forum, and here we are again.


Just found

Pretty cool. Definitely a good use for a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) monitor!

If you ever wanted an animated desktop wallpaper you can get Dreamscape from Humble bundle for $1.

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Just found

Pretty cool. Definitely a good use for a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) monitor!

You could actually download some of those and set them as a wallpaper.

You guys should see about making a subtle SotP themed .dream file. I can't find any neat Halo ones.

I realized today that I literally have the job of Stanley from The Stanley Parable.

Is this the real life?

(fun, dont take to sirous pls)
Just a thought: What if Trumpf is a Ferengi in disguise?

  • He is orange.
  • He always trys to maximise his profit.
  • He follows some wierd rules.
  • He ignores the enviroment (just take a look at Ferenginar)
  • He is worried that some of his bodyparts are not big enough (i know, normally they are worried about their ears, but maybe the real ferengi are more worried about the size of their hands?).
    (pls someone photoshop him to look like a ferengi, i bet it would look hilarious)