Halo: Fleet Battles

@Sookendestroy1 Holy crap, thanks! Now I can rope my steam friends into playing Fleet Battles! Perhaps we should set up a game with members of the forums.

That would be awesome, just remember it is recommended that you purchase HFB in some regards, that's the whole reason the rule book is not included in that mod.

As purchasing from SG not only supports them but also 343 and all the people who work so hard there to bring us those fleet sets/games. Also shows people are interested in the space side of Halo.

I'd buy one of the ships individually, but not very keen on getting something that is >$100 and will just sit on my shelf.

Thats fair enough. The models themselves are really detailed, even the tiny frigates. Again, I really just wish it was more popular, argh!

If only there were people in the Philadelphia area that played it as actively as Warhammer groups play 40k. I've played it once, at a walk in match inside a nearby comic shop. No joke. A friend hit me up, and told me to come down to play Fleet Battles, since a guy brought in a huge set of ships, so that people could play. This was right after it launched, so there wasn't too much going on; but boy was it fun. Nothing like it has happened since, at least that I've known of, but I'm not a huge tabletop guy, so I'm really not in the know when it comes to any events in the area - plus, I don't seek it out actively enough to spot it anyway.

I will say, more and more people are hearing of HFB, and more groups are talking about it, and from what I've heard it's selling at a steady good pace, so I expect to see it more often in a year or two after some bigger expansions come out.

Also, @The-Judge, all table top games are prohibitively expensive. They're selling for fairly niche communities, and HFB is selling for an even more niche community - fans of Halo, that enjoy space combat, and are tabletop fans. Thankfully, there's actually a lot of overlap in the Halo community to support it, and in the greater tabletop playerbase.

@Idio Its a shame there just isnt much HFB events going on. But hey, we have the internet! We really should just set up non-SoTP game nights! OPTRE, CaW (though I dont think this is mp, is it?) and Tabletop Sim's HFB. If we dont have a steam group already, that is.

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@slither io Are there any particular aspects of the Covenant or UNSC fleets you're interested in expanding?

@A-Former-User said in Halo: Fleet Battles: drift hunters

Howdy there! Does anyone else own a copy of Halo: Fleet Battles? I snagged one in a Christmas sale, and they're cool little models. Im no good as a painter, so the few I have assembled aint painted, but theyre still really cool looking. I played a test game with a buddy of mine, just a CSS and a destroyer vs my Marathon and two squadrons of frigates, and it plays surprisingly well. Anyone got pictures or stories to share?

It's fantastic that you played a test game. As you get more familiar with the mechanics, try experimenting with different fleet compositions and strategies. The game offers a lot of depth, so there's plenty to explore.